Daily Diving

Being Flores XPirates Diving Centre beeing located very close to the National park, it allows us to operate daily diving with morning and afternoon departure, plus night diving as well. there is a reason why we call ourselves the “smartest way to dive in Komodo” and it is due to the fact that we can dive when nobody else does it, being able to enjoy the best of each diving spot. Our schedule is as follows:

Morning dives departure: 7:30 am
Number of dives: 2
Back to camping: around 12:00 for lunch

Afternoon dives departure: 14:00
number of dives: 2
back to camping: around 17:30 for sunset

Full day trip departure: 7:30
number of dives: 3
back to camping: around 15:00

Night Diving departure: 18:00
number of dives: 1
back to camping: 20:00 for dinner

our dive camp guests will be able to join morning, afternoon, night or full day trips based on daily schedule as exposed each day at the island diving centre. Dive sites (taro link ke alaman dive sites) will be discussed also with our diving team based on weather situation and divers level

Our normal diving ratio is 1 Dive guide for 4 divers, but in some cases we will reduce that even to 1:2 depending on guests level.
Safety for us is very important, and we want our guests to feel comfortable and safe all the time

Our diving centre and boats are complete of Oxygen tanks and all standard safety equipment.
Flores Xpirates dive camp compels to all PADI, D.O.C.K. and Indonesian standard safety requirement.
We are proudly member of Diving Operators Community Komodo, which community put us in a comfortable place anytime we are out at sea knowing that we have many friendly boats ready to help and assist in case of problems and emergencies.

Flores XP offers, and strongly suggest, insurance to all our divers, all our diving team are insured by Indepths, and we strongly suggest you to be always safe, and take an insurance for your diving trip, it can be taken also for just a day or few days, very easy to apply, you can follow the link on the below banner:

Dive Master

For non diving guests, it would be possible to join a diving trip as a snorkeler (with price mentioned at the diving centre), if space allows it, but some rules applies and you will have to understand priority will always go on divers for safety reasons. Snorkelers will go in the water only after divers, and will come back in before divers will surface. there will be time to snorkel, with divers as well, during the divers surface interval, between one dive and the other, about an hour interval between each dive.
Please note not all diving spots are suitable for snorkelers and it depends on current conditions as well, please consult with the dive centre before getting on board.

Flores XP collaborates with WWF and we respect the environment, flora and fauna in the national park, and outside. we do not allow any kind of fishing activities in the national park, we do never touch anything underwater (unless is to remove trash, emergency situation, or help creatures in need), we do not take anything (a part of trash) from underwater, and we always respect the environment and creatures around us, we never bother them, we do not intrude in their cleaning stations, we do not approach them abruptly, we leave always sea creatures to be in control and feel comfortable in their habit.