Camping Prices

Camping Prices

Stay and Dive in Komodo National Park in the smartest way possible
Sleep melted in untouched nature, in an Eco-Friendly Camping on a deserted island at the boarder of Komodo National Park.
Dive and Snorkel on our House reef, directly from the beach, join our daily boat tours in the park, we have diving spots just at 5-10 minutes away, and the farthest ones at about one hour, this will allow us to manage the time at the best, compared to Labuan Bajo diving operators, and always dive by ourselves with not too many other divers at the spot.

Snorkelers can join the boat tour as well when possible.

We offer all inclusive packages for divers, you can check it here 

but for those who will want to manage their time with no rush to have to do 3 dives every day, but prefer to take it easy, we also offer a la carte menu

Stay at Beach Bale: Rp 350.000/person
price includes staying in double occupancy beach bale, with 3 meals a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and water. price also includes transfer to and from island at check in and check out

Diving: Rp 600.000/dive
price includes all the equipment

Snorkeling: Rp 350.000/trip
price includes snorkeling gear. in one trip we normally do 2-3 snorkeling spots

Night diving: Rp 750.000/dive
price includes all the equipment

Transfer to town:Rp. 250.000/trip/person
if you wish to go to town during your staying

Discover scuba diving: Rp 900.000
includes equipment and one dive

Snacks, beers, soft drinks, juices, are available at Pirates Cafe for sale at any time during your staying.