Best time to visit

Komodo National and Marine Park is one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the world, and is open 365 days a year.
But as every place on hearth it has its own best and worst time to be around.
We strongly suggest avoiding the rainy season, which is short in this area and mostly covers middle of January to middle of march.
Flores XP do not operates tours in the month of February due to strong rain, big winds and big waves.
Second half of January and first half of March Flores XP operates only daily tours in the marine park, while it is possible already to camp at the lake.

Best times of the year to visit are April-May-June and September-October-November

Here we divided the year in 4 “Komodo Seasons” so you can see the best and worst of each time of the year

  1. December – March
    Rainy season, possible afternoon rains in December, January and March. Heavy rain in February. Flores XP do not operate any tour in the month of February.
    • December is generally good, if you avoid full moon and new moon time, the sea is also calm. Might rain at night.
    • January, first half is similar to December, second half winds and waves are starting, we do not operate camping tours after 15 January.
    • February, we close operations, monsoon time
    • March, first half can still be rough, getting better in the second half, when we start again doing camping tours.

    In this season chances to see Komodo Dragons are good, is not Manta season but the occasional mantas are around.
    can get fabulous days, but be ready for rain!

  2. April – June
    End of rainy season, all the islands are green, it might rain a bit at night, but sea is generally calm and very clear.
    This is definitely one of the best time of the year to visit, bring your camera because the green landscaping of Komodo is amazing.
    • April is nice, all green around, generally calm sea, might rain still a bit at night. Very humid though, get ready to sweat ☺
    • May is wonderful, weather is getting stable, still green around, animals are active and all over the places. One of our favorite months to be around here.
    • June is great, just before the hassle of high season, mantas still around, Komodo getting ready for mating season… the green landscape almost gone, almost zero chances of rain.

    Overall this is one of the best time of the year to come and visit, manta season, lot of komodo around, green landscapes, not crazy currents and chances to see whale sharks.

  3. July – August

    High season, is packed of tourists, boats everywhere.
    Mating season for Komodo, so a bit hard to see them especially in Komodo island, not manta season, so a part of the resident mantas, you will not see many.
    Sea can be rough some days due to winds. Temperatures can be a bit chilled at night.
    July and August: both the same, in July there can be occasionally a rain or two, mostly at night, windy, with possible waves.
    Town and National park are packed of tourists, everything is a bit more expensive. Book your flights and tours and hotels well in advance if you want to visit this time of the year, otherwise you risk to not find availability and then much higher prices.
    Our suggestion is postpone few months and come in October ☺ if you can off course.

  4. September – November
    This is definitely our favorite time of the year.
    It is whale season, manta season and komodo season, but not human season, not so many tourists around, so you can get the feeling of being alone in a lost land, normally in this time of the year can find cheap flights, and discounts on tours and accommodations. Flores XP normally offers discounted options for advance booking in the month of October, check the website on offer page and ask via email.
    • September: end of high season, still a bit busy around, no more winds and waves. Water clear, temperature starting to rise a bit. Generally lot of mantas and possibility to see whale sharks and sperm whales while cruising in the park
    • October: our favorite month of the year… everything is around, including good weather. Not too hot, not too humid, not green at all, actually very dry, in this month we start feeling the need of rain, but it wont come until end of the next. Lot of komodo and mantas around
    • November: generally great, similar to October, just starting to be more humid and hot, it might rain occasionally especially at night.
      If we could suggest you, then come and visit on these months, quite, peaceful and beautiful…